Question: Why is Baylor basketball Cancelled?

Why did Baylor basketball cancel?

Baylor, the No. 2 men’s basketball team in the country and one of three undefeated teams remaining, has postponed its next two games, the school announced Thursday. The decision is “due to the Big 12 Conference men’s basketball interruption guidelines.”

What happened to Baylor basketball team?

The scandal broke out after the 2003 murder of Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy. … The sanctions so crippled the basketball program that they didn’t have another winning season until 2008. It is one of the harshest penalties ever imposed on a Division I program that didn’t include the NCAA’s “death penalty”.

Why was Baylor Texas Tech postponed?

The Big 12 has announced that the No. 2 Baylor Bears are postponing their next three games due to a COVID-19 outbreak which has already caused the postponement of two other contests. That means that the Texas Tech basketball team won’t be traveling to Waco on Saturday as scheduled.

What really happened at Baylor?

October 28, 2016: Baylor regents tell The Wall Street Journal that the sexual assault brouhaha is larger than had been made known. The news piece reveals that, since 2011, seventeen women had asserted that nineteen members of the Bears team had committed rape or assault, including four gang rapes.

Who Threatened Patrick Dennehy?

Dennehy’s friend Daniel Okopnyi said Dennehy had been threatened by two teammates, one of whom was Thomas. Darron Cox, who had sold pit bulls to Dotson, told police Dennehy and Dotson had taken target practice at Cox’s farm near Waco. They told him they had bought guns for protection.

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Who did Baylor just lose to?

Baylor beatdown: Bears win title, hang 86-70 loss on Gonzaga.