Quick Answer: Do Nike Dunk Highs crease?

Do dunks run big?

Nike Dunks Fit True to Size

When Nike first started off the Dunks, they obviously had comfort in mind. Dunks are a little wider than your average Nike sneakers. … So, generally speaking, Nike Dunks fit true to size regardless of the silhouette, colorway, or design. BUT, check your feet and change accordingly.

Do Jordans crease easily?

Yes they crease at the toe box and the ankle area. Only way to stop creasing is to not wear them.

Can you crease yeezys?

Answer: Yeezy 350 v2s don’t crease. They have a fabric upper, creases happen with leather toe boxes.

How do dunk highs fit?

The Nike Dunks fit true to size so my advice is to just take the size you normally wear. They’re slimmer than other models like the Air Force 1, and every Air Jordan except the 1s, so compared to them you can probably go as much as half a size up from your regular size.

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