Quick Answer: Does Kobe Bryant speaks Italian?

How well did Kobe Bryant speak Italian?

Kobe Bryant spent the better part of his childhood in Italy, and was fluent in Italian. From ages 6 to 13, Kobe lived with his father, Joe Bryant, who played for several basketball teams in the country, The Washington Post reports.

Why did Kobe Bryant speak fluent Italian?

Fluent in Italian

Bryant spent some of his childhood in Italy, and he began learning Italian at age six in grade school. … There was more of an interest in soccer than basketball after school in Italy among his peers, so Bryant began to pick up the language rather quickly in an effort to play with the others.

How many languages was Kobe Bryant able to speak?

KOBE BRYANT Speaking Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and Many Other Languages! Kobe Bryant was Raised in Italy from age 6 through Junior High School and young teens.

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