Quick Answer: How do NBA players get haircuts?

How often do NBA players cut their hair?

For the most high-maintenance players in the league, those trips can be as often as every five days.

Is there a barber in the NBA bubble?

Will Rondo is the head of Global Concierge Services for those staying inside of the NBA’s pandemic bubble, and the brain behind the campus’ barber shops.

Do NBA players wash their hair?

Varejao says of his routine: ‘You need to take care of your face and your hair. It’s what you show all the time. ‘ Although the forward showers several times a day, he only washes his hair with shampoo and conditioner a few times a week to avoid drying it out.

Who is doing the NBA Players hair?

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando barber has been selected by the NBA to be one of only a few barbers that will be at the ESPN Wide World of Sports to cut players’ hair during the NBA season.

Is Rondo brother a barber?

5, Will Rondo called Natasha Conner, a barber based out of Milwaukee. At that point, Rondo, the older brother of Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo, had been in the NBA’s bubble for weeks. … In addition to the now seven barbers, there are also three hair braiders and three manicurists on-site in the bubble.

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How do NBA players take care of their bodies?

The treatment is simple: The athlete spends two-to-three minutes in the cryo chamber, which is set at a temperature of negative-250 degrees. They must wear protective gear (thick gloves, socks and sandals) so that the player’s fingers and toes are safe.

What kind of deodorant do basketball players use?

“I use Secret [deodorant]. I’m always powder-fresh during the games,” he shared. “I’m sure my opponents love that.” He’s not the only one secure enough in his manhood to snag items from the women’s section.

Who is braiding hair in the NBA bubble?

I was recently asked who’s braiding hair in the NBA Bubble and I didn’t have a clue, but now I know thanks to William Rondo and Marc Spears. William Rondo is the president of the Global Concierge Services, and he happens to be LAKERS point guard Rajon Rondo’s brother.