Quick Answer: Is the movie Love and Basketball Based on a true story?

Is Monica Wright Mccall a real person?

Monica Ashante Wright (born July 15, 1988) is an American basketball coach and former player. She played college basketball for Virginia and was selected second overall by the Minnesota Lynx in the 2010 WNBA draft.

Monica Wright.

Personal information
Playing career 2010–2016
Position Point guard
Career history
As player:

Does Sanaa Lathan really play basketball?

Sanaa Lathan didn’t know how to play basketball

But no, as she told CBS, she had never played basketball before she got the role. … Lathan said that the director would audition real basketball players and give them acting coaches, but none were good enough. Despite getting sidelined by the director, she kept auditioning.

How long did Monica and Quincy kiss when they were kids?

When Quincy and Monica were 11 years old, they shared their first together. They were on their way to the first day of school, and Quincy asked Monica if she wanted to be his girlfriend. When she agreed, he told her that they needed to kiss. Monica asked him for how long, and he replied, five seconds.

Which WNBA player did Kevin Durant date?

Kevin Durant was briefly engaged to WNBA star Monica Wright

The two met before their professional careers had gotten underway. They became friends after meeting at the 2006 McDonald’s High School All-American Game (per St.

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Are Omar Epps and Mike related?

In his adulthood Epps moved to Brooklyn to star in Def Comedy Jam in 1994. Epps ended up on the Def Comedy Jam tour and starred in two of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam broadcasts. His first cousin is actor Omar Epps (Omar’s mother and Mike’s father are brother and sister).

What happened at the end of love & basketball?

Monica asks Quincy to open her letter from USC – which reveals she has been accepted. Quincy has accepted an offer from USC as well, and they celebrate with a kiss. This leads to them finally acting on their feelings, making love that night.