Quick Answer: Who has the best offense in college basketball?

What college basketball team has the best offense?

Men’s Basketball

Rank Team PPG
Rank Team PPG
1 Gonzaga 91.0
2 Colgate 85.2
3 Southern Utah 84.2

Who has the best defense in college basketball?

NOTE: The stats on this page include data ONLY from games involving two NCAA Division-I schools.

Rank Team 2019
1 Abl Christian 0.941
2 Memphis 0.860
3 Jackson St 0.949
4 Loyola-Chi 0.932

Who has the best defense in NCAA Basketball 2021?

1. Ohio State. Ohio State has been an outstanding defensive team ever since Aaron Craft arrived to run the point four seasons ago. This year’s edition, though, is the best of the bunch, and not just because of Craft’s 2.4 steals per game or center Amir Williams’ 2.4 blocks a night.

Who is the best in college basketball right now?

Men’s Basketball

1 Gonzaga (55) 0-0
2 UCLA (8) 0-0
3 Kansas 0-0

What offense does Gonzaga run?

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The Mark Few Gonzaga University Zags Continuity Offense is a pick and roll continuity offense with a few set plays, and some European flair. Mark Few is one of the best X’s and O’s coaches in college game, and he will have his team executing at mid-season form once their conference games start.

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How many PPG does Gonzaga average?

Team Stats (31-2, 15-1)

Statistic Gonzaga OPP
Points Per Game PPG 87.4 67.8
Margin 19.6

Is UCLA the best basketball team?

Five Pac-12 teams were ranked in the final USA Today coaches poll, a record for the conference in a post-NCAA tournament ranking, and two Pac-12 teams were ranked in the top 10 — UCLA at No. 7 and USC at No. … UCLA is No. 1 on two sites (Andy Katz at NCAA.com and CBS Sports), and the Bruins are No.

What is defensive efficiency in college basketball?

Defensive efficiency is the number of points a team allows per 100 possessions. In a game; “defensive efficiency” of a team is equal to offensive efficiency of the opponent team.

What is the average shooting percentage in college basketball?

The number is 33.47%. The previous low is the aforementioned 34.05%, in 2012-13. At 33.47%, the 2019-20 shooting accuracy number is over half a percentage point lower than the previous low.

What is the average 3 point percentage in college?

The national average for 3-point attempt percentage is 37.7 percent this season, a decrease from last season’s 38.7 percent average.

What are the kenpom rankings?

KenPom Top-25 College Basketball Rankings

Rank Team 2019-20 Record
1 Baylor 26-4
2 Gonzaga 31-2
3 Duke 25-6
4 Villanova 24-7