Should you shoot straight up when shooting a basketball?

How many shots does Steph Curry shoot a day?

Steph Curry, who I consider to currently be the greatest in-game shooter on the planet, makes 500 shots per day in the summer and makes 200 to 350 shooter per day during the season. That’s not heaps.

How do you not get soft in basketball?

How to Stop Being Intimidated in Basketball

  1. Practice the Fundementals. If you’re worried about your basketball skills, the best thing to do is to practice those skills so that they become second nature. …
  2. Exercise. …
  3. Practice Both O and D. …
  4. Get Your Mind in the Game. …
  5. Be a Team Player.

Why do NBA players point up?

Yes, it works. Acknowledge the foul to indicate it was a purposeful (not intentional) act. This type of foul occurs to stop a fast break, to intimidate or get in the head of an opponent, to prevent a highly probable basket (like a sure dunk or breakaway layup), or to put a poor free throw shooter on the line.

Is it bad to jump forward when shooting?

Practice jumping straight up & down when shooting and also fade-away. Nope, at least not your normal form. To have consistent shooting, you would want your shooting form/movement to be the same for every single shot. Typically, the main “factor” for the ball’s forward movement is from arm/shoulder.

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