Was Kobe Bryant an active player?

Was Kobe an efficient player?

Michael Jordan was consistently (relative to league average) a much more efficient player.

The perception of Kobe Bryant’s efficiency.

Dwyane Wade Career (2004-2018) Kobe Bryant (1997-2013):
22 PPG/ 4.7 RPG/ 5.4 APG 25.5 PPG/ 5.3 RPG/ 4.8 APG
on 55.4% TS on 55.5% TS

Who is the most loyal NBA player?

Can you name the Most loyal NBA Players(One team players)?

Hint Answer % Correct
Active Kobe Bryant-19 seasons with the Lakers 92.7%
Active Tim Duncan-18 seasons with the Spurs 86%
Active Dirk Nowitzki-seasons with the Mavs 74.7%
Non Active Bill Russell-13 seasons with the Celtics 68.7%

What did Kobe average his rookie year?

Kobe Bryant averaged 7.6 points, 1.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 71 games in his rookie season in 1996-97.

Who played NBA the longest?

Vince Carter has played the most career seasons, with 22 seasons.

Who’s the oldest active NBA player?

Who are the oldest players in the NBA?

  • Udonis Haslem (41), Heat. Born in 1980, the 41-year-old Haslem is by far the league’s oldest player. …
  • Andre Iguodala (37), Warriors. …
  • Carmelo Anthony (37), Lakers. …
  • LeBron James (36), Lakers. …
  • Paul Millsap (36), Nets. …
  • 10 oldest players entering the 2021-22 NBA season.

Who has Ish Smith played for?

Can Win Shares be negative?

In his system, the fewest number of Win Shares a player can have is zero. In my system, a player can have negative Win Shares. I justify this by thinking about it in the following way: a player with negative Win Shares was so poor that he essentially took away wins that his teammates had generated.

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