What can you use if you don’t have a basketball?

How do you play basketball without a hoop?

Five Basketball Shooting Drills Without a Hoop

  1. Wall Shooting. Any tall wall will work. …
  2. Self Shooting. …
  3. 180 Degree Shooting. …
  4. Line Shooting. …
  5. Chair Shooting.

How can I practice basketball indoors?

4 Basketball Drills You Can Do Inside Your House

  1. #1. Barber Pole.
  2. #2. Figure Eights.
  3. #3. On the Floor Form Shooting. Strengthen your shooting muscles and practice your shooting stroke by lying on your back and shooting the basketball into the air. Catch the ball and repeat. …
  4. #4. Sit in Your Stance.

What is a screen in NBA?

A screen, also called a “pick” is a legal block set by an offensive player on the side of or behind a defender in order to free a teammate to take a shot or receive a pass.

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