What did Peter Moore want to call dunk?

What inspired the Nike Dunk?

Where it All Began. The Nike Dunk High was released in August 1985 as a high-top basketball sneaker, having been crafted out of four earlier Nike models – the Air Force 1, the Terminator, the Air Jordan 1 and the Legend.

What does Nike Dunk mean?

Nike Dunks have been around since 1985. They released as a high-top basketball sneaker. … It offered college basketball teams a way to wear their own colorway of Dunks. Last year Nike released these “Be true to your school” Dunks again.

What Chinese city had a 2014 Dunk Low named after it?

Nike SB Dunk Low “Shanghai” 1 & 2

Significance: The first “Shanghai” Dunk Low was mostly an Asian-exclusive and was inspired by the temples of Shanghai.

What Chinese city has a 2014 Dunk Low named after it?

Nike SB is paying tribute to the city of Beijing with its new Nike SB Dunk Low Premium. Inspired.

Who created Nike SB?

Apart from the OG sneakerheads, not many know the fact that the SB in Nike SB actually stood for Sandy Bodecker, and not skateboarding as many would have been led to believe. The man who created a whole new division from a shoe that was initially meant for basketball, has left us today, aged 66.

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