What do you do when NBA Live Mobile won’t load?

How do you fix NBA Live Mobile not loading?

Re: Nba Live Mobile

try to turn on the airplane mode and power off your phone.. wait for 15-30secs and then power on and turn off the airplane mode,try to turn on also wifi.. go to settings ,go to game center app wait for ur apple.id to appear and start the. nba mobile game and thats it…

How do I fix NBA Live crash?

Re: NBA Live Mobile crash quit

Fully power off your device to clear its’ cache and then power it back on. Additionally you should check that any available app updates are installed. Retry at that point and let us know your results here.

How do I fix the black screen on NBA Live Mobile?

Re: [Known Issue] Black Screen

Can you try going to your Facebook app and under Settings>Apps, remove the NBA Live Mobile app from the device you have linked and then try logging in with Facebook again? If it fails again, try logging in from another device.

How do I fix resource download error in NBA Live?

In most cases this error can be fixed by reinstalling the game and clearing the game’s cache (which it looks like you already tried).

Why wont my NBA Live mobile load?

Re: NBA live mobile cannot load anymore

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Make sure your Google Play Store app is up to date. It should be version 8.3. 73 or later. In Settings -> Display -> Screen Resolution, make sure you are running at FHD+ or WQHD+ resolution (not HD+ resolution).