What does English mean in basketball?

What does English mean in basketball terms?

English is an all time top scorer, who scored with technique rather than strength or speed.

Why is it called putting English on the ball?

The use of “English” to mean “spin induced to a ball or other projectile in order to alter its course” is a fairly recent American invention, dating back only to the mid-19th century, although the practice itself is probably as old as throwing stuff at chickens. … ‘You have to put a little English on it,’ he explained.

What does put some English on it mean?

To strike or throw a ball in a manner that causes it to spin. You’ll never get the ball into the pocket that way! Put some English on it!

What does J mean in basketball?

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What does body English mean?

1 : bodily motions made in a usually unconscious effort to influence the progress of a propelled object (such as a ball)

What is it called when you put spin on a cue ball?

Follow, sometimes called top spin or simply “top,” is spin in the direction of travel of the cue ball, so that it is spinning faster than it would from its natural roll. … Top spin is imparted to a ball by hitting it above the midpoint of its vertical plane as it faces the shooter.

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What is top English?

TEP in the Translation Industry is a term which stands for Translation, Editing and Proofreading. This process is an acknowledged industry-wide translation standard, which results in the highest possible quality of translation.