What does SB Dunk mean?

What does SB Dunk stand for?

nike.com/skateboarding. Nike Skateboarding, primarily known as Nike SB, is the Nike brand for its line of shoes, clothing, and equipment for skate boarding.

What does Nike SB mean in texting?

The SB, in Nike SB stands for skateboarding. It is a line of Nike shoes that are specifically designed with skateboarding in mind.

Why are dunk low so expensive?

These sneakers are highly coveted, and over the past 30 days, the average SB Dunk has sold for 375% more than their average retail price. However, like all markets, it ultimately comes down to supply and demand — if a product has a community of collectors and an active market, trade will flourish.”

What is the dunk release?

Nike Dunk SB Low – What the Dunk

Model: Nike Skateboarding , Nike SB , Nike Dunk SB Low
Style Code: 318403 141
Year of Release: 2007
News & Updates: Nike SB , Nike Dunks
Information: Nike Skateboarding , Nike SB , Nike Dunk SB

What does SS mean in Snapchat?

This one is actually very simple: “ss” stands for “screenshot.” Typically, you’ll see this acronym in a person’s Snapchat story when they’re asking their followers to screenshot (or to specifically not screenshot) a post.

What does SBS stand for in shoes?

We’re in the middle of a Nike SB revival right now, and those that came of age during the mid 2000s couldn’t be happier. Nike SB, the brand’s skateboarding offshoot that launched in 2002, never went away, but it’s lacked relevance for years.

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