What happened to the 1966 Texas Western basketball team?

Who won the national basketball championship in 1966?

Did Willie Cager have a heart problem?

Cager graduated in May 1969. Around that time, he suffered a heart attack, and then a stroke, which left him partially paralyzed. He’s been getting around in a wheelchair ever since.

Did Jojo White step on the line?

No. They were not. An official named Rudy Marich waved off the shot. He blew his whistle while the ball was in the air and ran up the sideline and pointed to a spot on the floor where he said Jo Jo White’s foot crossed the out-of-bounds line.

Who did the Texas Western Miners lose to in Glory Road?

December 9, 1965: Miners blitz East Texas State

Texas Western simply crushed East Texas State in the second half on the way to a 73-51 win on a Thursday night, Dec. 9, in game two of that 1965-66 championship season.

Why did Texas Western Change to UTEP?

In 1949, the Texas Legislature approved changing the school’s name to Texas Western College to better reflect the school’s increasing number of liberal arts programs and the shrinking proportion of engineers.

What Texas teams have won the NCAA basketball championship?

Forty-eight years after the men’s basketball team won the NCAA championship in 1966, UTEP remains the only university in Texas to have a NCAA championship trophy for men’s basketball.

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