What if Michael Jordan signed with Adidas?

Did Michael Jordan want to sign with Adidas?

During the fifth installment of the 10-part series, it was revealed that Jordan really did prefer to sign with Adidas over Nike. He loved Adidas’ shoes, but Adidas told Jordan and his representatives that the company couldn’t make a shoe work at the time … they didn’t even offer Jordan (!!!). So, he signed with Nike.

Did Adidas reject Michael Jordan?

Adidas Didn’t Sign Michael Jordan Because They Thought He Was Too Short. Before Hall of Famer Michael Jordan made his digs in the NBA, he was a promising collegiate prospect after three years at North Carolina. That put him in line to earn a lucrative endorsement deal before he got into the NBA.

Why did Adidas reject Jordan?

They weren’t fully sold on his worth and were concerned his value was inflated by hype. But the real deciding factor was his height: he was too short. It might seem absurd that a 6’6″ athlete isn’t tall enough, particularly as he was dunking on even taller men. Adidas wanted a center they could market.

Why did Michael Jordan choose Nike over Adidas?

While Jordan liked Adidas, his agent, David Falk, wanted him to go with Nike. “Adidas was really dysfunctional by that time,” says Falk, who represented Jordan from 1984 to 2003. … “I wanted Michael to go with Nike because they were the upstart.”

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How much did Adidas offer Jordan?

Former University of Central Florida basketball player Marcus Jordan, the son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, opted to wear his father’s “Rising Sun” Air Jordan XIIs during a 2009 exhibition game, which cost the school its $3 million Adidas sponsorship.

Why does Michael Jordan hate Reebok?

Dream Team leader Michael Jordan expressed disdain with having to wear a Reebok uniform on the podium at the 1992 Olympics to accept the gold medal. … “Michael decided that he didn’t want to display the Reebok logo that was on his uniform,” then NBA commissioner David Stern said during “The Last Dance.”

Is Michael Jordan considered short?

Jordan’s height of 5’11” which though quite taller than the average height for his age at the time was still considered short by basketball standards.