What is Jordan’s signature dunk?

What dunk is the Jordan logo from?

The Jordan III’s, released in 1988, were the first to feature the Jumpman logo, that indelible silhouette of Jordan reaching for a slam-dunk, and came with sleek tumbled leather and elephant-print trim around the toe and heel.

Did Jordan ever do a 360 dunk?

Michael Jordan 360-dunked on David Robinson in Dream Team practice after Magic’s trash talk. Magic continued his description of the greatest player he’s ever seen thus: “Jimmy, his eyes got big.

What is a tomahawk dunk?

noun. Basketball. A shot made by jumping high into the air and pushing the ball through the basket with a sharp downward motion, thought to resemble a blow made with a tomahawk.

The origins of the Jumpman logo can be traced back to a photoshoot for Life magazine that took place not long before the 1984 Olympic Games. The photoshoot took place before Michael Jordan signed with Nike. There are at least two people claiming that authorship of the logo.

Why is the Jordan logo left handed?

Everyone thought I did that by running and taking off. Actually, it was a ballet move where I jumped up and spread my legs. And I was holding the ball in my left hand.”

Did Jordan really dunk from free throw line?

The moment you’re thinking of is from one year later in Chicago, when Jordan took flight from the free throw line twice in the 1988 Dunk Contest to beat Dominique Wilkins and repeat as champion. Jordan converted from the free throw line twice, cementing his place in Dunk Contest and NBA history.

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Did MJ ever win dunk contest?

While Robinson is the only NBA player to win the competition three times, there are five men who have been victorious twice: Dominique Wilkins (1985 and 1990), Michael Jordan (1987 and 1988), Harold Miner (1993 and 1995), Jason Richardson (2002 and 2003) and Zack LaVine (2015 and 2016).