What is Kobe Bryant workout?

What was Kobe Bryant daily routine?

He retired in 2016 but was still involved in the basketball community. As a retired professional basketball player, Kobe Bryant’s daily routine consisted of working out to stay in shape, taking care of his kids, going to work, making healthy meals, and spending a lot of time with his family.

What was Kobe’s diet like?

He’s replaced sweets and fast food with lean meat and vegetables. “Diet is always the hardest thing,” Bryant said. “We’re accustomed to eating what we want to eat whenever we want to eat it. You become comfortable with that.

Did Kobe eat healthy?

Kobe Bryant followed a strict diet, and The Lakers hired a nutrition consultant that helped all the players to stick to a healthy and clean diet. The diet features grass-fed animal protein and vegetables.

What time Kobe wake up?

Even if the four-time All-Star Game MVP had to take his daughters to school on practice day, he’d wake up early enough to be at the gym by 6am, train, go drop off the kids, then be back at the gym way before practice officially started at 10:30 am.

What is Lebron diet?

James told Ferriss that he avoids sugary drinks and fried food. James’ trainer Mike Mancias told Ferriss he tries to help James eat “clean” and organic throughout the year. James is said to spend over $1.5 million per year on his body, with a home gym, trainers, advanced recovery technology, and more.

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How did Kobe stay healthy?

Kobe stresses other healthy habits like exercising, putting aside time to decompress, helping others and an emphasis on appreciating everything and everyone around you along with practicing good nutrition. Useful tips from the Lakers star for anyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle.

What did Kobe Bryant do to stay healthy?

Lots of veggies, fruits, fish and lean meats. Portions were small and I found myself craving a snack every two hours!! So I would dig through the pantry searching for anything to munch on to hold me over to the next healthy meal time. Recently I changed my outlook and it really helped.

What was Michael Jordan’s diet?

While most of his teammates were filling up on carbs ahead of NBA games, Jordan devoured a steak three hours before the opening tip. “Back in the eighties and nineties, the nutrition prescription for athletes was carbs, carbs, more carbs. Everyone was eating rice and pasta for fuel, but that wasn’t working for MJ.