What is LeBron James favorite dessert?

What is LeBron’s favorite snack?

Follow Us: Superstar basketball player Lebron James loves to eat foods high in proteins, but his favorite food is cereal, according to The Daily Meal. Among his absolute favorites are Trix and honey oat granola.

Does LeBron James eat ice cream?

He loves sweet. He loves sweets. He eats desserts and French toast. … During the same interview, Mancias acknowledged that James would still partake in the occasional cheat, namely a glass of wine with dinner and a chocolate cookie with ice cream for dessert.

Does LeBron eat junk food?

LeBron James’ former teammate says he eats junk

Ask him what he eats for breakfast. He has like five French toast, drowns it in syrup with strawberries and bananas. … “He eats desserts with every meal,” Thompson added.

What lunch does LeBron eat?

Lunch: whole wheat pasta, salmon and vegetables. Pre-game: peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Halftime: sliced apples with almond butter. Post-game: protein shake (plant-based protein powder, almond milk, fruit)

What kind of tacos does LeBron eat?

“Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays with LeBron,” Bornstein said. “He loves these Mahi Mahi tacos that he has on an almond flour tortilla, and he does a salsa that’s a combination of corn, beans, and cilantro, and then he has a side of slaw.”

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What is LeBron diet?

James told Ferriss that he avoids sugary drinks and fried food. James’ trainer Mike Mancias told Ferriss he tries to help James eat “clean” and organic throughout the year. James is said to spend over $1.5 million per year on his body, with a home gym, trainers, advanced recovery technology, and more.

What time does LeBron James go to sleep?

And then for dinner, I had chicken parm with a rocket salad and a beautiful glass of cabernet. When it comes to sleep, Lebron has long recognised the benefits of getting enough and typically averages 12 hours of sleep a day. He wakes up at 5am after getting at least 8–9 hours of sleep, and will nap throughout the day.