What is the best dunk in 2K20?

Who has the best dunk package in 2k?

NBA 2K22: Best Dunk Packages

  • Draymond Green. …
  • Michael Jordan. …
  • LeBron James. …
  • Russell Westbrook. …
  • Zion Williamson. …
  • Baseline Reverses Off One. …
  • Quick Drops Off One. …
  • Hangs Off One. In some circles, hanging off of the rim can be considered a chump move.

What is a good driving dunk in 2k20?

Pro Contact Dunks: 70 Ovr, Driving Dunk 84. … Elite Contact Dunks: 70 Ovr, Driving Dunk 85. Small Contact Dunks: 65 Ovr, Driving Dunk 85, PG, SG, SF.

What is the best dunk animation 2K21?

The best dunk package in 2K21 for miscellaneous is Baseline Reverse Off Two or Baseline Reverse Off One, the Reverse Off Two has the fastest animations and the Reverse Off One is a little bit more smooth and consistent.

Can you contact dunk with 80 driving dunk?

However, not every build can get contact dunk animations, as they must have the following attribute requirements to be able to pull of contact dunks: Pro Contact Dunks: 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical (Same for Pro Contact Alley-Oops) … Pro Standing Bigs: 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical, and Height 6’10″+

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What dunk rating Do you need 2K22?

Hence, in NBA 2K22, players will need to have the following specific ratings in order to pull of the slam dunk moves, except the small contact moves mentioned above: Driving Dunk: 92+, Standing Dunk: 90+, Vertical: 80+, Height: At Least 6’10”.

How do I dunk in my career?

To edit your character’s Dunk Package, follow these steps:

  1. Access the main menu in MyCAREER Mode.
  2. Bring up the Player Upgrades Menu.
  3. Select Animations.
  4. Within the Animations menu, scroll over to Animation Upgrades.
  5. On this screen, you can purchase and equip one of the Dunk Packages to your character.

What are elite contact dunks?

For ‘Elite Contact Dunk’, your player must be over 70 rated, and have a driving dunk of 85 or more. For ‘Small Contact Dinks’, your player has to be 65 overall or over, has a diving dunk of 85 or more, and is a PG, SG, or a SF.

Why is MyPLAYER not dunking 2K21?

A reason you may not be dunking is that you are not pressing the right buttons. Just pressing the shoot button as you are running at the basket can result in a dunk but you can tell NBA 2K21 which dunk you would like to do instead of it choosing for you.

Which takeover is the best 2k20?

Re: Best/Worst Takeovers in 2k20? the best takeover for me is the slasher takeover, pretty fun to use and easy to get. i agree that the rim protector badge is kinda sorta useless, i definitely get more blocks without it activated. as for shot creator i wouldn’t say it’s the worst takeover but it is pretty hard to get.

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