What is the purpose of the NBA All Star Game?

How NBA All Stars are chosen?

The starters are chosen by a combination of fans, media, and current players. Fans may vote using a variety of online platforms, and account for 50% of the vote, with the media and current players each accounting for 25%. The reserves are chosen by voting among the head coaches of each team’s particular conference.

How many guards are in the All-Star Game?

The 10 starters – two guards and three frontcourt players per conference – are chosen by a combination of fans (50 percent of the vote), current players (25 percent) and basketball media (25 percent).

Has LeBron ever missed an All-Star Game?

LeBron James was once an All-Star snub. So he dominated the rookie game instead. … Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was selected to 19 All-Star Games, but not consecutively, and missed one with injury.

How many Allstars did LeBron play with?

Most NBA All-Star selections

With 17, LeBron is ranked third in the list of players with the most All-Star selections of all time. Former Milwaukee Bucks and LA Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tops the list with 19 selections.

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