What kind of awards did Kobe Bryant win?

Did Kobe Bryant win an Oscar or a Grammy?

Bryant won an Oscar in 2018 for Best Animated Short, two years after his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers. He brought home a golden statue for his contribution as executive producer to the animated short film, “Dear Basketball,” which was based on a poem he wrote about his retirement.

What were Kobe’s greatest accomplishments?

Five championships, 15 All-Star Game appearances, four All-Star Game MVP Awards, two NBA Finals MVP Awards and a single regular-season MVP Award. Throwing down a list of Kobe Bryant’s awards is impressive enough on its own, but it’s the debate around his honors that really sums up his career.

How many awards has Kobe Bryant won in total?

He won 1 MVP award, 2 Finals MVP awards and 5 NBA championships.

How many PPG did Kobe average?

CAREER. KB has averaged 25.4 ppg for his career which is pretty good.

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