What kind of socks do you wear with basketball shoes?

Do basketball socks matter?

Of course, don’t expect any game-changing improvements (leave it for basketball shoes) as it just socks, but small things like these can improve your overall performance & increase comfort level during the game and after the game. Now when we know that basketball performance socks really do matter.

Are basketball socks important?

Basketball players opt for long socks because they give extra ankle support, meaning you are less likely to get injured during practice or a game. … This provides extra cushion and makes basketball shoes more comfortable, so you get fewer blisters and can focus on doing your best.

What are basketball socks?

The best basketball socks will have some form of cushion and compression around the forefoot and heel. In my opinion, it is very important for your socks to have this cushioning. It will keep it from bunching up in your shoes, and help you avoid blisters.

What kind of socks did Kobe wear?

Kobe Bryant Wore Limited Stance Socks in Victory Over the Warriors. Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers shocked the world today as they defeated the Golden State Warriors. Prior to the game, Stance had designed socks for the Black Mamba to wear during the game and is apart of the Bryant collection.

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What do basketball socks do?

If you are playing basketball for hours every day, high-performance basketball socks can really make a difference! They protect your feet from fatigue, help you avoid blisters, and make playing basketball much more fun.

Why do basketball players wear extra socks?

The double socking helps break in the shoes a little quicker. Double socking also is added protection against blisters, added support (although minute) to prevent ankle injuries, added protection for their calcaneus, and extra padding/cushioning for the high impacts of running/jumping and landing.

Are basketball socks compression socks?

Available in many different color options, these socks feature compression features for support and increased recovery post-workout. The material is soft, yet stretchy and has a high ankle cut. These socks are made in part of cotton, making them nice and soft, as well as spandex which makes it stretchy.