What NBA player is from New Zealand?

Are there any New Zealanders in the NBA?

The most well-known former New Zealand player Sean Marks who has retired from the National Basketball Association and currently being an assistant coach in San Antonio Spurs, with Kirk Penney and Steven Adams being the other players from New Zealand to play in the NBA.

Where is Kawhi Leonard from?

Does NZ play basketball?

The New Zealand men’s basketball team is called the Tall Blacks. The national women’s team is the Tall Ferns. There are 10 other national teams, including the Junior Tall Blacks and Junior Tall Ferns.

Who is the best NZ basketball player?

To celebrate the 40th year of the New Zealand National Basketball League a special panel has ranked the 40 best players in the competition’s history.

  1. 1 Pero Cameron.
  2. 2 Kenny McFadden. …
  3. 3 Stan Hill. …
  4. 4 Phill Jones. …
  5. 5 Kerry Boagni. …
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