What NBA players have ADHD?

Is basketball good for ADHD?

While individual sports may provide certain benefits for kids with ADHD, there are still some team sports that they may enjoy playing. If an athlete with ADHD would like to play team sports, Dr. Pollack suggests one of the following: Basketball.

Are there any athletes with ADHD?

A surprising number of professional athletes have attention deficit disorder (ADHD). In fact, an estimated eight to ten percent of all pro athletes have the condition, as compared to four to five percent of the general population of adults.

Are athletes with ADHD better?

Athletes with ADHD tend to perform better in sports that require hyper focus, i.e. short and intense bursts of attention. They can be in the moment, with a heightened awareness of their immediate environment. They excel in chaotic conditions and thrive under pressure.

Does Henry have ADHD?

Henry Confesses He Struggled with ADHD When He Was Younger on “Real Men” Recently, Henry was seen continuously chattering and playing around even during meal times at a unit he had just entered.

Does ADHD make you dumb?

People with ADHD have plenty of energy, are creative, and can often accomplish more than people who do not have the condition. Having ADHD means the person is lazy or dumb. ADHD has nothing to do with a person’s intellectual ability. Some highly intelligent people have ADHD.

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What famous person has ADHD?

9 Celebrities with ADHD

  • Michael Phelps. ADHD made schoolwork difficult for Phelps when he was little. …
  • Karina Smirnoff. This “Dancing with the Stars” performer and professional dancer went public with her ADHD diagnosis in 2009. …
  • Howie Mandel. …
  • Ty Pennington. …
  • Adam Levine. …
  • Justin Timberlake. …
  • Paris Hilton. …
  • Simone Biles.

Are there any pro gamers with ADHD?

Jovan Milenkovic, a competitive gamer with mild ADHD and co-founder of AhoyGaming, credits ADHD to helping his mind stay focused on one objective. His sense of hyperfocus allows him to give selective attention to the game he’s playing in the moment.