What NBA team does polo g support?

What is Polo G favorite basketball player?

Obviously, Polo is a basketball fan. When prompted to choose his Top 5 players from Chicago, he named Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Anthony Davis, Ben Wilson, and Jabari Parker. The Midwesterner described his own game as a mix of Ja Morant and Kobe Bryant.

Did polo play AAU?

Polo G returned to his former school with a surprise for them: he created a team to hopefully keep them focused, disciplined, and off the streets. “A few days ago was the try outs fa my official Aau Team,” the rapper wrote in the caption of a video he shared on social media.

Who old is Polo G?

Polo G was born on 6 January 1999. Polo G is 22 years old.

How tall is Polo G?

So I don’t know where they got that I’m 5’9 at.

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