What NBA teams have jersey sponsors?

Who sponsored NBA jerseys?

Beginning with the 2017/18 season, NBA has signed an 8-year Jersey manufacturing agreement with Nike, which marks the first deal where teams will be obligated to wear the jersey manufacturers logo. Nike took over from Adidas, who had been dealing with the league since 2006 and had no such policy.

Who are the NBA official sponsors?

List of NBA jersey sponsors

Team Current jersey sponsor Previous jersey sponsor
Los Angeles Clippers Honey Bumble (2018–2020)
Los Angeles Lakers Bibigo Wish (2017–2021)
Memphis Grizzlies TBD FedEx (2018–2021)
Miami Heat Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)

Does Nike make all NBA jerseys?

Nike and the NBA revealed every team’s 2021-22 City Edition jerseys on Monday, giving all 30 NBA franchises an alternate uniform to wear throughout the league’s 75th anniversary season.

Is the NBA sponsored by Jordan?

NBA jerseys will have a new look for the 2020-2021 season as the iconic Jumpman logo will be patched onto uniforms for the league’s Statement Edition.

What teams does Jordan brand sponsor?

Since 2017, the Charlotte Hornets have been the only team to have Jordan Brand on their uniforms. Jordan Brand has supplied the NBA All-Star Game uniforms for the past three years.

How much are NBA jersey sponsors paying?

According to one report, NBA sponsorship revenue is up 70% since the jersey patch option was introduced in 2017, with some jersey sponsorship deals topping $15 million per year.

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