What noise does a basketball net make?

What does a swish sound like?

A swish is the sound that’s made when a person or thing swishes — the swish of a dish brush on a dirty pan in the sink, or the swish of water against a dock. A kite swishes through the air and so does a fencing epee or a fly swatter.

What is a hissing sound?

The definition of a hiss is the sound of an angry animal or of escaping air or steam, or the sound of a long s. An example of a hiss is the sound of a snake in distress. … A high-pitched sound made by a snake, cat, escaping steam, etc. noun. An expression of disapproval made to sound like the noise of a snake.

What’s another word for swishing?

What is another word for swishing?

whizzing fizzing
hissing fizzling
whishing sizzling
rustling whispering
whooshing whistling

What is a swish shot?

New Word Suggestion. in basketball, a shot that goes through the net without touching the rim of the basket. also called a ‘swisher’

Are chain basketball nets good?

While all these materials have their advantages, you will get more value from a basketball net when it is made of chain. Chain basketball nets are sturdy and also last longer than basketball nets made from other materials. You, therefore, will not be scared of getting them damaged during a game.

Do humans hiss?

To hiss means to make a sound like a long ‘s. … If people hiss at someone such as a performer or a person making a speech, they express their disapproval or dislike of that person by making long loud ‘s’ sounds.

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