What sports did Kobe Bryant play in high school?

What sports did Kobe play besides basketball?

He spent eight long years his childhood, and even some of his high school years, there where he grew a fondness for soccer. He played in the little leagues and, to no surprise of his parents, was actually an amazing soccer player.

Did Kobe Bryant play sports as a kid?

Kobe Bryant loved soccer

His love for the game started at a young age. From the age of six to 14, Bryant played soccer while living in Italy, and he was pretty good at the sport. In 2006, he had a conversation with Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune and talked about his experience as a soccer player.

Did Kobe Bryant play football in high school?

He, however, didn’t first become a superstar while playing for the LA Lakers. Bryant was an absolute legend at Lower Merion High School, and his play there eventually led to him becoming a top draft pick without even playing college basketball.

What are Kobe hobbies?

Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player, but he also had interests in other areas. One hobby he dipped his feet into was hip hop. His most well known song is called Hold Me, and he was featured on it with Brian Mcknight. Bryant also made an appearance in the Destiny’s Child Bug-A-Boo music video.

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Did Kobe Bryant play college basketball?

Did Kobe play at Crenshaw?

This is inspired by Kobe Bryant’s Crenshaw High School jersey. … He entered the NBA directly from high school and won five NBA championships with the Lakers.