What was Michael B Jordan’s diet for Creed?

What was creeds diet?

“I ate grilled chicken, lean proteins, rice, broccoli, and a lot of water. You’re eating it every two to three hours and you’re working out multiple times in a day, and you do that six days a week for months and you’re gonna start to see some change.”

How much weight did Michael B. Jordan gain for Creed?

In the latter film, Michael B. Jordan reprises Adonis Creed and looks every bit the part as a championship level, heavyweight boxer, and with good reason. The actor put on a whopping 20 pounds of muscle for the role.

How much weight did Michael B. Jordan lose for Creed?

As I was watching Creed at the movie theater, I could not help but notice how much Michael B. Jordan has to offer the world of cinema. The now 33-year-old made noticeable transformations to play the son of fictional Rocky franchise character Apollo Creed, including packing on 24 pounds…of muscle!

What did Michael B. Jordan take for Creed?

Michael B Jordan gained 24lbs of muscle for Creed (starring alongside Sly Stallone) and now he’s gained another 15lbs to play Killmonger (1).

How much water does Michael B Jordan drink in a day?

One example: Jordan committed to drinking a gallon and a half of water per day—to the point that he couldn’t leave his house without having to pee. “Do you know how often you have to use the bathroom?” Jordan asked. As ardent gym-goers know, Jordan’s ultra-healthy lifestyle made enjoying a social life difficult.