What was Michael Jordan’s record without Pippen?

Could Michael Jordan have won without Pippen?

Pippen easily could have scored more, but allowed the more capable Jordan to and was a facilitator. … He knew how to make his teammates better, and what Jordan’s strengths were. Yes, Pippen probably wouldn’t have won a championship without Jordan, but the same can be said if Jordan never had Pippen.

Did the Bulls win a championship without MJ?

1993-94: There Is Life Without Jordan

However, the 1993-94 Bulls proved there was life without Michael Jordan. Although Chicago didn’t win its fourth straight championship, it posted a 55-27 record (for second place behind the Atlanta Hawks in the Central Division) and advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

How many times did Jordan lose in the first round?

Yes, Michael Jordan lost three times in the first round. They were his first three seasons.

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