When did Michael Jordan start playing basketball in high school?

When did Jordan play high school basketball?

Michael Jordan’s high school basketball career is best known for what didn’t happen. In the fall of 1978, Jordan didn’t make the varsity team as a sophomore at Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C. He played for the junior varsity instead.

How old was Michael Jordan when he first played basketball?

Now… James fans will say that Jordan was 22 years old when he was a rookie and that he had an 3-year advantage in basketball experience, but these are the same fans that use the age comparison—despite the fact that James played more seasons than Jordan at the same age.

Did Michael Jordan make varsity in high school?

Yes, Jordan was technically cut. … Jordan grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, and tried out for the varsity team as a sophomore. The 15-year-old was a skinny 5-foot-10 and not as skilled as he needed for a spot on the varsity, reports Yahoo Sports. His best friend Leroy Smith was a whopping 6-foot-7 and made the team.

What age was Michael Jordan when he retired in 1998?

At the age of 30, Michael Jordan retired after winning three titles.

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