When did NBA players start wearing tights?

Why do basketballers wear arm sleeves?

Arm sleeves provide compression that reduces swelling, increases blood flow, and reduces fatigue. Few basketball players, and most athletes for that matter, play injury free. Many shooting guards have chronic Shooter’s Elbow, a made up term to describe the effects of tendonitis.

Who started basketball tights?

Why do basketball players wear tights? Our first knowledge of this garment was one worn by Hakeem Olajuwon in the 1980s.

Why do so many NBA players wear leg compression?

Help Reduce Muscle Strains and Speed up Recovery

Since NBA players play over 80 games a season, they want to reduce the amount of wear and tear that their bodies will take during the season. In addition to preventing muscle strains, compression clothing can alleviate physical soreness from micro-tears.

What is the purpose of wearing tights?

The fabric weight of both full and mid-length tights varies, so even in warm weather, you can wear tights to reap protection and performance benefits. Lighter tights can keep you cool but also protect your skin from elements such as sun and wind.

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