When was NBA Cares founded?

What is NBA care?

NBA Cares is the leagues global social responsibility program that builds on the NBA’s mission of addressing important social issues. … Through the NBA Cares Employee Volunteer Program, employees are encouraged to develop and nurture relationships with their colleagues while giving back to their local communities.

Is NBA Cares a nonprofit organization?

Headquartered in New York, the NBA has 30 teams divided into the Eastern and Western conferences. … we believe that the strengths of our nonprofit and community part– ners are what allow us, as well as our teams, our players, and our business partners, to have the most impact.

What month was NBA founded?

On August 3, 1949, after a damaging three-year battle to win both players and fans, the rival Basketball Association of America (BAA) and National Basketball League (NBL) merge to form the National Basketball Association (NBA). The BAA incorporated in 1946, challenging the hegemony of the nine-year old NBL.

What has LeBron done for charity?

LeBron James has also been a supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of America, to whom he donated $2.5m in 2010. After completing an ESPN special called ‘The Decision’, James gave the proceeds raised from the show to the organization which provides after-school projects for young people.

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What is the NBA’s mission?

NBA mission statement is “we compete with intensity, lead with integrity and inspire play.” The statement shows that the organization leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the triumph of the NBA league.

Is the NBA socially responsible?

Social Responsibility & Player Programs leads the League’s global social responsibility and youth basketball participation initiatives as well as player development and strategic marketing efforts that help players be more successful off the court. The programs managed by this department include NBA Cares, Jr.

Who is in charge of NBA Cares?

As President, Social Responsibility & Player Programs for the National Basketball Association, Kathy Behrens oversees all NBA programs that coordinate league, team and player social responsibility and impact efforts, foster youth basketball development, support player growth and education, further important health and …

Who are NBA sponsors?

What every NBA jersey sponsor says about its team

NBA Team Jersey Sponsor What they do
Houston Rockets Credit Karma credit scores
Indiana Pacers Motorola mobile hardware & software
Los Angeles Clippers Honey e-commerce discounts
Los Angeles Lakers Bibigo South Korean food brand