When was the last time the NBA season was cut short?

Why was the 1999 NBA season short?

The first three months of the 1998-99 season was lost due to a lockout, resulting in play beginning in February of 1999. The normal 82-game NBA season was cut down to 50, making it the first time in league history that games were cancelled due to labor issues.

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Which NBA seasons are shortened?

The 1995 NBA lockout, which lasted for three months before the 1995–96 season. The 1996 NBA lockout, which lasted for a couple of hours before the 1996–97 season. The 1998–99 NBA lockout, which lasted for more than six months and forced the 1998–99 season to be shortened to 50 regular season games per team.

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Does the NBA have a shortened season?

The N.B.A.’s players have tentatively approved the league’s plan to start the 2020-21 season on Dec. … The regular season, 10 games shorter than usual, would then run through mid-May, with the playoffs lasting into July.

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