Which basketball player never passes the ball?

Why Kobe never passed the ball?

Kobe Bryant had a reason why he didn’t pass certain players the ball. … If he saw players goofing around and not working hard on their craft, Bryant wouldn’t pass those players the ball during games because he didn’t trust them.

Is LeBron a ball hogger?

It also probably comes as no surprise that LeBron James ranks at the very bottom of the ball hog statistical ranking, earning a -104.9 (Giannis Antetokounmpo was next at -101.3).

Is Kobe a ball hogger?

Kobe Bryant. … Also, Kobe proved to us he could defer to his own sidekicks, as was the case in 2009 and 2010, when Kobe led the Lakers to consecutive titles. As well, anyone who can honestly say with a straight face Kobe was a ball hog in the seasons in between Shaq being traded and Pau Gasol arriving is full of it.

Is Kevin Durant a ball hogger?

Kevin Durant is 47th. Lots of “ball hogs” there that are not proving to be ball hogs. These 10 though, they are the ones who never saw a shot they didn’t fall in love with.

Was Pistol Pete a ball hog?

Hall of Famers like Pistol Pete and Allen Iverson have been called ball hogs their entire career. … So as you reminisce about Starbury’s and the Franchise’s Knicks years as teammates, check out the Biggest Ball Hogs in NBA History.

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Is Jimmy Butler a ball hog?

Butler is willing to be a team player when his team works as hard as him. He got a bad reputation for being a ball hog, but he has stated before that he is willing to share if his teammates have the same desire to win.

Is Jordan Clarkson a ball hog?

Utah Jazz – Jordan Clarkson (46)

Clarkson is a microwave scorer off the bench who plays every game with a pickup hooper’s mentality. Before a very nice stretch with the Jazz last season where he averaged 15.6 ppg. on 46-37-79 shooting, Clarkson was usually viewed as a ball hog who was detrimental to his team’s success.

Is Carmelo Anthony a ball hogger?

Carmelo Anthony

It is without a fact that Carmelo Anthony is one of the greatest ball hogs in NBA history. After all, this is what Carmelo does. Carmelo Anthony’s one of the greatest scorers of all time and he was able to get his points because he wanted to jack up a shot every single possession.