Which state produces the best high school basketball players?

Which state produces the best basketball players?

1. Texas. Whether it’s college football or college basketball, no state is sending more players to the college level than Texas. From 2010 through 2014, Texas has had 47 players rated in ESPN’s Top 100.

What city has produced the best basketball players?

To be one of the 20 best cities for basketball talent, a city needs to produce a high number of high-quality players.

  1. Henderson, Nev. (144 Points)
  2. Chicago (133 Points) 20 of 21. …
  3. Memphis, Tenn. (123 Points) …
  4. Mouth of Wilson, Va. …
  5. Wolfeboro, N.H. (98 Points) …
  6. Indianapolis (89 Points) …
  7. Dallas (88 Points) …
  8. Huntington, W.Va. …

What city has the best Hoopers?

Best Cities for Basketball Fans

Overall Rank City Total Score
1 Los Angeles, CA 65.25
2 Boston, MA 59.26
3 Salt Lake City, UT 50.02
4 Philadelphia, PA 47.35

Which state produces the best athletes?

California leads the way with 126 Olympians, according to one analysis. This is more than double the number of athletes produced by any other state, making up over 20% of the U.S. Team. Florida has produced the second-highest number of Olympians (51 athletes), and Colorado third (34).

Which US city has produced the most NBA players?

A better question is, which NBA city could form the best team comprised of current NBA players? (For the record, California has the most players in the league. And there is A LOT of talent from Los Angeles.

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What city produces the most athletes?

Based on the data, Washington, D.C, has produced the greatest number of professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and football players (a little over 53 athletes per 100,000 residents).

Where is basketball most popular?

Popularity of Basketball Around the World

ranking Country Regional Popularity *
1 United States 100
2 Philippines 71
3 Australia 42
4 Canada 41

What city has best NBA team?

1. Los Angeles. Between the historical dominance of UCLA’s men’s teams, USC’s women’s teams and the Lakers, there’s little doubt that Los Angeles is the top hoops city in the country. Combined, those teams have won a whopping 29 championships.