Who called Michael Jordan Black Jesus?

Do they call Michael Jordan Black Jesus?

There’s a lot to like about this Reggie Miller interview from Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but the most important morsel to be gleaned is that Michael Jordan—of wearing-bad-suits fame—once referred to himself as “Black Jesus” on the basketball court.

Why does Reggie Miller call Jordan Black Cat?

” Reggie told Kobe that “there’s only one Black Cat,” referring to Michael Jordan. “I refused to call Michael, ‘Michael Jordan,’ so I called him the ‘Black Cat,’” Miller said. Kobe was so quiet on the phone, and then Kobe finally broke his silence.

Did Reggie Miller play with Michael Jordan?

On the set, he trained at the Jordan Dome and used his playoff loss to the Orlando Magic as fuel to get back on top of the basketball world. Several star NBA players played pick-up games with the Bulls superstar at the Jordan Dome, with one of them being Indiana Pacers shooting guard Reggie Miller.

Why did MJ play for the Wizards?

Later, Washington Wizards’ majority owner Abe Pollin reached out to MJ with a job offer. He wanted the 6-time NBA Champion to be the team’s new president of basketball operations. … Perhaps he wanted to leave the game on his own terms and hence decided to help the Wizards from inside the court and not outside.

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Did people call Michael Jordan Magic?

Michael Jordan had the nickname “Magic Jordan”

During an interview with Playboy in 1992, Jordan revealed that he had the nickname “Magic Jordan” during his high school days, and even his first car had the license plate with that moniker. … “They used to call me Magic Jordan.