Who did LeBron dunk on?

Who did LeBron dunk over?

However, he had an encounter in one game against LeBron James and the Miami Heat that has been brought up since the Lakers hired him. In a game between the Bulls and Heat on Jan. 28, 2012, James climbed the ladder and threw down a seamless dunk on Lucas’ head.

What game did LeBron dunk on Jason Terry?

Jason Terry still can’t figure out why he tried to stop LeBron James’ dunk during 2013 Celtics-Heat game.

Who did LeBron dunk on in Miami?

LeBron James reminisces iconic dunk with Dwayne Wade on 2010-11 Miami Heat. Former Miami Heat forward LeBron James took time to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of perhaps his most iconic dunk that came off a no-look pass from former teammate Dwyane Wade.

Did Michael Jordan ever dunk on LeBron James?

Jordan Crawford’s dunk on LeBron James

On July 8, 2009, the day began ordinarily at the LeBron James Skills Academy. The camp is an annual event orchestrated by Nike and James where America’s best college and high prospects get together to train under the watchful eye of the King.

What did LeBron do to Jason Terry?

However, LeBron was able to get some revenge on Terry when he was a Boston Celtics member, and LeBron threw down an incredible dunk over Terry when he almost jumped over him. In a recent interview for Bleacher Report, Terry described what happened in this play and how that dunk came about.

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