Who has the longest hang time in basketball?

What is Lebron James Hang time?

In other words, what is his hang time? Most people are surprised to learn that James’ maximum HANG TIME for slam-dunks is about 1 second!

How did Jordan have so much hang time?

Well, the gravitational acceleration on our nearest planetary neighbor, Venus, is 8.87 meters per second squared, pretty similar to Earth’s. If Michael jumped here with the same force as he did back on Earth, he would be able to get more than a meter off the ground, giving him a hang time of a little over one second.

Can a human jump for 1 second?

The maximum “hang time” for a human who jumps in the air under his own power is said to be less than 1 second. This includes jumping on the spot, running jumps, hops, leaps, dives, and bounds. Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) is the current men’s record holder with a jump of 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄4 in) set in 1993.

How far could Michael Jordan long jump?

#2 Michael Jordan (46 Inches)

If you are nicknamed “His Airness,” you better be able to sky.

What is the hang time formula?

Total time (hang time) = time going up + time coming down. so, 2 X time down = hang time.

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Why did Michael Jordan stop dunking?

“It was more a doctor’s decision. I’ve been having problems after every game with my knees, whereas my left knee I injured two and a half weeks ago. It was giving me problems, and he advised me that because of the pounding I probably would taken in the dunking contest, I should pass it.

How long can a human jump in the air?

With a single leap, a person can only remain airborne for about one second!

Why did Reggie leave hang time?

Absentee Actor: Reggie Theus, who plays Coach Bill Fuller, does not appear in the season three episodes “Fighting Words”, “Blood Drive” and “Teen Mom”. Written-In Absence: However, his absence in “Fighting Words” is explained in that Fuller was sick with the mumps.