Who is the head basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati?

What is going on with John Brannen?

Former Cincinnati men’s basketball coach John Brannen has dropped university president Neville Pinto and athletic director John Cunningham from a lawsuit on his for-cause termination from the program, according to court records obtained by The Athletic.

Where is Wes Miller going?

Cincinnati announced on Wednesday evening that it hired former UNC-Greensboro coach Wes Miller as its men’s basketball coach.

Where did the University of Cincinnati basketball coach go?

Cronin was named the Pac-12 Coach of the Year in his first season with the Bruins in 2019–20. He arrived at UCLA having previously served as the head coach for the Cincinnati Bearcats for 13 seasons.

Mick Cronin (basketball)

Current position
2003–2006 Murray State
2006–2019 Cincinnati
2019–present UCLA
Head coaching record

Why was Brannen fired from Cincinnati?

Brannen was fired in April after being put on paid administrative leave as the university’s investigated allegations against the coaching staff. Brannen said he only learned of those allegations when they were reported in the media.

Why did Brannen get fired?

The 66-page suit says Brannen’s suspension with pay, which began April 3, and his subsequent termination were the “result of a sham ‘investigation’ that was unfair, unreliable and inherently flawed and nothing more than a smokescreen to avoid triggering a contractual buyout clause that would have cost the University

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Is Wes Miller married?