Who is the smallest guard in the NBA?

Who is the smallest player in the NBA right now?

Who is the shortest player in the NBA right now? Four players measure in at 5-foot-10 to share the distinction of shortest player in the NBA right now. The Denver Nuggets have two of the four players in Facundo Campazzo and Markus Howard.

Are there any 5’11 NBA players?

The player with the highest 2K Rating among current players whose height is 5’11” on NBA 2K22 is Facundo Campazzo. He is followed by Jordan McLaughlin in second place, while D.J. Augustin is third.

List of the Best 5’11” Players on NBA 2K22.

# 1.
Player Facundo Campazzo PG | 5’11” | DEN
OVR 76
3PT 80
DNK 25

Who is a 5’9 basketball player?

Shortest Players in the NBA

Kay Felder Cleveland Cavaliers 5′ 9″
Isaiah Thomas Boston Celtics 5′ 9”
Tyler Ulis Phoenix Suns 5′ 10″
Ty Lawson Sacramento Kings 5′ 11”
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