Who led the NBA in usage rate?

Who has the most usage rate in the NBA?

Michael Jordan has the highest career usage percentage, at 33.2 percent.

Who has the highest usage rate in the NBA 2021?

Luka Doncic had the highest usage percentage in 2020-21, at 35.9 percent.

What is the NBA usage rate?

Usage Rate (USG%)

Usage rate calculates what percentage of team plays a player was involved in while he was on the floor, provided that the play ends in one of the three true results: field-goal attempt, free-throw attempt or turnover. On average, a player will have a usage rate of 20 percent.

What was Michael Jordan usage rate?

Michael Jordan had a usage percentage of 33.2 in his career.

How do NBA stats work?

The NBA also posts to the statistics section of its Web site a simple composite efficiency statistic, denoted EFF and derived by the formula, ((Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks) − ((Field Goals Attempted − Field Goals Made) + (Free Throws Attempted − Free Throws Made) + Turnovers)).

How is NBA usage rate calculated?

Usg% – Usage Percentage (available since the 1977-78 season in the NBA); the formula is 100 * ((FGA + 0.44 * FTA + TOV) * (Tm MP / 5)) / (MP * (Tm FGA + 0.44 * Tm FTA + Tm TOV)). Usage percentage is an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor.

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Who has the best true shooting percentage?


Rank Player TS%
1. Rudy Gobert .6635
2. DeAndre Jordan .6438
3. Cedric Maxwell .6294
4. Stephen Curry .6261

What is westbrooks usage rate?

Russell Westbrook had a usage of 34.4 percent in 2019-20.

What was Wilt Chamberlain’s usage rate?


Name Pos Usage%
1960-61 Philadelphia Warriors C 28.8
1961-62 Philadelphia Warriors C 36.1
1962-63 San Francisco Warriors C 33.9
1963-64 San Francisco Warriors C 31.9