Who made dear basketball?

Did Kobe draw Dear basketball?

Even before he wrote the poem on which the Oscar-winning short “Dear Basketball” was based, Kobe Bryant was interested in animation. … “Dear Basketball” illustrated the poem Bryant wrote in 2015 as a farewell to the sport he loved; it served as his announcement that the 2015-16 season would be his last.

Why did Kobe make dear basketball?

The project began as a letter he penned in 2015 for the Players’ Tribune announcing his retirement from the NBA. Bryant created the production company Granity Studios — originally Kobe Studios — with ambitions to create books, TV series and even feature films. “Dear Basketball” was its first effort.

Who worked on dear basketball?

The film was directed by Glen Keane, who created the hand-drawn animations. The score was made by legendary composer John Williams, who agreed to help Bryant as the two were friendly with one another. Williams spoke to the New York Times following Bryant’s death on Jan. 26.

Is Kobe the only athlete to win an Oscar?

In 2018, late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant made history by becoming the first professional athlete to win an Academy Award with his production, “Dear Basketball,” which took home Best Animated Short Film.

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Did Kobe Bryant watch anime?

Bryant, who long has spoken about what a huge student and fan of animation he is (he particularly loves Japanese anime and classic Disney-style) and is said to have ambitions of creating an animation-devoted division at his Newport Beach-based Granity Studios, is among the most popular people in the city of Los Angeles …

Why did Kobe Bryant change his number?

Kobe Bryant Changed From 8 To 24 To Begin A ‘Clean Slate’

“When I first came in at 8, (it was) really trying to ‘plant your flag’ sort of thing. I got to prove that I belong here in this league. I’ve got to prove that I’m one of the best in this league.

Did Kobe Bryant love basketball?

Kobe Bryant loved basketball. That’s an obvious statement. It’s cliché to say that about any professional basketball player.

Did Kobe Bryant write a poem?

In 2015, Bryant had written a poem titled ‘Dear Basketball’ after he announced his retirement from the game. He then collaborated with Glen Keane and John Williams to turn his poem into a short film, which went on to win the Best Animated Short Film at the Academy Awards (Oscars) in 2018.