Who published I promise by LeBron James?

Who wrote I Promise book?

Who is the author of I Promise a children’s book published in 2020?

“We Are Family” is a middle school-age book James co-wrote with author and journalist Andrea Williams. The book is a follow up to his New York Times bestselling picture book “I Promise,” published in 2020.

Has LeBron James written any books?

What is the name of the book that LeBron James wrote?

Did LeBron write a children’s book?

AKRON, Ohio – Basketball star and Akron native LeBron James has co-authored a second children’s book, “We Are Family,” set for publication on Aug. 31. … “’We Are Family’ shows how an unlikely group of kids comes together to chase their dreams, despite having the odds stacked against them.

How many books has LeBron James written?

How can I watch I promise documentary?

YouTube will make the documentary, which premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Festival in June, available to watch for free under its YouTube Originals banner.

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