Who won NBA Playoffs 2019?

Who won NBA Championship 2019?

Who are in the NBA Playoffs 2019?

NBA playoffs 2019: Ranking all 16 postseason teams, including Warriors’ star power and Nuggets’ endless depth

  1. Golden State Warriors.
  2. Toronto Raptors. …
  3. Milwaukee Bucks. …
  4. Philadelphia 76ers. …
  5. Denver Nuggets. …
  6. Houston Rockets. …
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder. …
  8. Boston Celtics. …

Who won the NBA Finals in 2019 and how many games?

This was the first NBA Finals appearance for the Raptors, and the league’s first finals with games played outside of the United States. Home-court advantage was awarded to Toronto, who finished the regular season with one more win (58–24) than Golden State (57–25).

2019 NBA Finals.

Team Coach Wins
Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr 2

Who won the 2020 Finals?

Who won the 2018 Finals?

Who won the 2010 NBA Finals?

Who won NBA 2017?

Who Won NBA Finals 2021?

Who won the 2014 NBA Finals?

Who won the 2013 NBA Finals?

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