Why are Michael Jordan’s eyes Discoloured?

Why are Michael Jordans eyes a different color?

His eyes are slightly discoloured which may point to jaundice, but there seems to also be a slightly raised lesion on the eye, which can point to something local causing the discolouration like a pinguecula,” said Dr. Phua upon his observation.

Why are Michael’s eyes so yellow?

That said, Michael Jordan may have conjunctival melanosis — specifically racial melanosis. It’s a benign type of conjunctival pigmented lesion sometimes found in individuals with darkly pigmented skin. Conjunctival melanosis can increase with age, and is not shown to often progress to melanoma.

Are Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen friends?

Even though they were teammates for over a decade and formed one of the best duos in NBA history, it seems like Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were never friends.

What happened to Michael Jordan?

In addition to this estate, Jordan also has in his real estate portfolio two homes in North Carolina, where the NBA team he owns is based, and currently lives in a $12.4 million mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida with his wife, Yvette Prieto.

What color eyes does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan’s Yellow Eyes Have Some Fans Concerned About His Health.

Does Pippen hate Jordan?

Among a slew of others, Pippen lashed out against his former peers, accusing Jordan of being “selfish” throughout their time on the Chicago Bulls, as well as charging former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson with being “racist” at points during his career.

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