Why were the Hornets owned by the NBA?

Why did the NBA control the Hornets?

Longtime Hornets owner George Shinn was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, and says that he now wants to move on from NBA ownership to focus on his faith, along with spreading the awareness of cancer to help fight the disease.

How did the league own the Hornets?

The Pelicans were established as the New Orleans Hornets in the 2002–03 season when then-owner of the Charlotte Hornets, George Shinn, relocated the franchise to New Orleans.

New Orleans Pelicans
Conference titles
Division titles 1 (2008)
Retired numbers 1 (7)
Website www.nba.com/pelicans

Does Michael Jordan still own Charlotte Hornets?

Michael Jordan drafted Adam Morrison in 2006

Jordan joined the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006 as a member of the team’s ownership group and its Managing Member of Basketball Operations. … Since becoming a majority owner, Jordan has led the Bobcats/Hornets to the postseason just twice.

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