You asked: Can you use converse for basketball?

Can converse be worn as basketball shoes?

Before you bring up the safety/health, keep in mind the shoes are slip resistant, they have a sturdy toe cover, and were worn for decades for basketball without issue. That’s not the reason.

Can you play sports in Converse?

It’s true that Converse aren’t ideal for all workouts, though. Dr. Dini pointed out that they don’t have good arch support (hence my painful arches from walking long distances), making them and other flat shoes a bad choice for workouts with running and jumping.

Does any NBA player wear Converse?

Micheal Ray Richardson briefly wore leather Converse All Stars with the New Jersey Nets after 1982, making him the next to last to wear the shoe in the NBA. Richardson’s teammate, Mickey Johnson, was the last to wear All Stars in the NBA, when he played for the Nets in the 1985–86 season.

Is it bad to play basketball barefoot?

Basketball requires a lot of athletic, agile, and aggressive movements that are not really what we would consider to be basic human movements, such as running. Additionally, basketball is played on an artificial surface, so barefoot principles are not always ideal.

Was Chuck Taylor a good basketball player?

Bliss Taylor began his career as a semi-professional basketball player in 1919 and as the player-manager for the Converse All-Stars basketball team in the mid-1920s, but he became widely known as a salesman and promoter of Converse All Star basketball shoes.

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What shoe does draymond green wear?

While not a signature shoe, Green has been given his own player edition of Converse’s G4 basketball sneaker.

What athletes are with Converse?


  • DeAndre’ Bembry.
  • P.J. Tucker.
  • Draymond Green.
  • De’Anthony Melton.
  • Nickeil Alexander-Walker.
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.
  • Kelly Oubre Jr.
  • Rudy Gay.

Who wore Converse weapons?

The Converse Weapon was created in various colorways and was worn by other players including Isaiah Thomas, Kevin McChale, Bernard King and Mark Aguirre. The makeup of this sneaker was comprised of premium leather throughout the entire silhouette including the heel.