You asked: How do NBA players dunk?

How easy is it for NBA players to dunk?

To dunk, you’ll need to be jumping around 35 inches high, which would be considered impressive even in professional sports. In the NBA there are players who consistently produce 40+ inch running vertical jumps that enable them to perform spectacular dunks in games. Popular examples are Nate Robinson and Spud Webb.

Why do NBA players scream when dunking?

First you dunk, then you yell. That’s the trend of the NBA dunkers as players have found that a healthy, guttural explosion is not only a way to skirt getting called for a trash-talking taunting foul, it’s also a way to say quite loudly who “The Man really is. “It’s a way of drawing attention to yourself, Brown said.

Did Oscar Robertson ever dunk?

Oscar Robertson never actually dunked in an NBA game, but that’s not to say that the couldn’t do it. He was Oscar Robertson, he could do anything! Robertson was discouraged from dunking as a high school player, as was the custom at the time.

Can a 6 1 person dunk?

Some people say that it would be best to dunk it if you were at least 6 feet 4 inches tall. Additionally, your vertical jump height should be about 35 inches. At least with these numbers, dunk a basketball should be easy. Basketball rims are usually about 10 feet above the ground.

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Is it easier to dunk off one foot or two feet?

Developing a one-handed dunk requires less vertical ability than a two-handed dunk, and, for most players, jumping off of one foot from a running start makes it easier to jump high enough to dunk.