You asked: What is a bucket basketball?

How do you play bucket basketball?

BucketBall™ Game Play

Each player on a team throws once, trying to throw the ball into the other team’s buckets. If a ball goes into a bucket, then the bucket is removed. When using the inflatable rack the re-rack rule does not apply, instead the player(s) stack their buckets.

What does get buckets mean?

It’s a slang in basketball (篮球.) It means to make a basket; when the ball goes in the hoop.

What does he’s a bucket mean?

slang to criticize severely. (C13: from Anglo-French buket, from Old English buc; compare Old High German buh belly, German Bauch belly) bucket about. vb intr (Brit) (esp.

What is Bucket game?

The basic idea is simple: Teach your dog that he gets reinforced if he looks at a container with treats in it, and only proceed nail trims or grooming, for example, if he is looking at the bucket.

What does bucket mean in Britain?

1 : hustle, hurry. 2a : to move about haphazardly or irresponsibly. b : to move roughly or jerkily. 3 chiefly British, informal : to rain very heavily : pour It doesn’t just rain here.

What does a walking bucket mean?


(n) A hooper who guarantees a bucket everytime they touch the ball. walking bucket.

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What is the synonym of bucket?

In this page you can discover 82 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bucket, like: pail, pot, barrel, can, canister, tub, container, cask, scoop, swindle and make-haste.

Why is a bucket called a bucket?

“pail or open vessel for drawing and carrying water and other liquids,” mid-13c., from Anglo-French buquet “bucket, pail,” from Old French buquet “bucket,” which is from Frankish or some other Germanic source, or a diminutive of cognate Old English buc “pitcher, bulging vessel,” originally “belly” (buckets were …

What does the term bucket mean in bowling?

A bucket is a special kind of spare that leaves four pins in the shape of a diamond. Most bowlers distinguish between a right-handed bucket and a left-handed bucket. For righties, a bucket is the cluster of the 2, 4, 5, and 8 pins. For lefties, the bucket is the 3-5-6-9 cluster.